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Technology Teaching Tools

Technology Teaching Tools are short, online, asynchronous modules highlighting a technology teaching tool along with relevant pedagogical implementation strategies. Some of the CIRT Technology Tools discussed below rely on freeware downloads. Prior to utilizing these technologies, you are encouraged to understand the potential risks associated with freeware; see the article "Why Free Software Downloads Aren't Always Safe" for an overview of key considerations.


  • Tellagami® is a collection of innovators, technology gurus and creative artists in San Francisco exploring new ways to bring your messages to life. By combining photos, voice, 3D character customization and personality on a mobile platform, individuals can communicate using features such as: Text to speech; Create characters/avatar and customize; Choose backgrounds; Voice Record and Doodle Options. The creations and recordings can be shared via: social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  The creations and recordings can also be sent via SMS and email.

Pedagogical Ideas

This technology can be used in the classroom for the following:

  • Assignment Overview: Instructors could share upcoming assignments, but there is a 90 second time limit
  • Content and Concept Clarification: Instructors could explain content or concepts in smaller bits; up to 90 seconds
  • Formative Assessment Tool: Students could utilize application to demonstrate content knowledge, almost like an in-person presentation with the use of the Avatar, voice recording, backgrounds, and Doodle options.
  • Feedback: This could personalize learning if the instructor utilized his or her own voice to create the recordings for, assignment clarification and even feedback.
  • Introductions and Personalized Learning Experience: This could also personalize an introduction versus just posting a bio, which would allow students and faculty to utilize the application.

How do you utilize this technology in your classroom?

Please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for utilizing this technology to foster effective teaching and learning.

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How valuable is this technology for fostering teaching and learning?

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