Research Innovation

Research can take on many forms - from statistical, number-driven, quantitative analyses to vibrant, language-based narratives - research is at the heart of academic exploration and discovery. While the conventions of a given investigation are driven by discipline-specific guidelines, innovative research has a universal impact... innovative research sparks critical analysis, lively dialogue and intellectual curiosity. Are you ready to engage in research innovation?

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Development Resources includes information and support for those preparing to conduct research.

  • Research Ready Program
  • Research Tutorials
  • Curriculum Vita Builder
  • Draft Review
  • SoTL
  • Research Consultations


icon_computer_apple_.jpg  CONDUCT


Research Support provides assistance in conducting research, gaining grant funding and navigating certifications necessary to conduct research.

  • Scholarly Engagement & Research Grants
  • Research Liaison Program
  • CITI Training
  • IRB & Site Authorization

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Publication and Presentation highlights resources, support and guidance for the dissemination of scholarly work via conference presentations and journal publications.

  • CIRT Journals
  • CIRT Conferences

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