Camtasia Studio

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Technology Teaching Tools

Technology Teaching Tools are short, online, asynchronous modules highlighting a technology teaching tool along with relevant pedagogical implementation strategies. Some of the CIRT Technology Tools discussed below rely on freeware downloads. Prior to utilizing these technologies, you are encouraged to understand the potential risks associated with freeware; see the article "Why Free Software Downloads Aren't Always Safe" for an overview of key considerations.

Camtasia Studio

  • Camtasia Studio is a video editing tool that allows for the uploading of various video and audio files for editing. The editing process is presents in a multi-track timeline and allows to splitting and removing of clips, as well as the integration of music, photos, and narration.  Once editing is complete, options to share to a variety of social media sites, business sites, and personal storage is simple.

Pedagogical Ideas

In the classroom, Camtasia Studio can be used in a variety of ways.  Some ideas include:

  • Oral/Video Presentation- Students can record a video presentation and present this to the class, complete with images, music, etc. This provides a visual learning experience for other students, as well as a hands on approach for the student doing the presentation.  Instructors can then evaluate the knowledge of the student via this route.  Paying attention to some of the behavioral cues that were otherwise unavailable.
  • Video Lectures- Instructors are able to create visual teaching tools that allow students to see the material presented just as it would be in a classroom environment. Lectures can be uploaded to the online/hybrid forum and helps those students who need a more visual approach.  Questions can then be asked based on the lecture video and an open forum of communication and dialogue can be opened.
  • Fine Arts majors-This video editing program has some pretty advanced features so it allows instructors to test the level of learning based on certain video techniques that those students are required to master. These might include the implementation of motion graphics, narration, and media clips.
  • Professional Development-This programs allows for instructors to create detailed and engaging presentations, lectures, professional development tools that can help students, staff and other faculty. Because of its ease of use in sharing information that can help the instructor with new resources from Faculty Development or CIRT, it also becomes a powerful tool for the university as a whole.  In addition, the list of features which include narration, music and animation, allow for an engaging training/learning material.

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