The Journal of Instructional Research (JIR) is an annual publication by the Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching at Grand Canyon University that highlights faculty research relevant to best practices in post-secondary instruction. Unique to JIR is the use of a two-stage evaluation process with public peer review, interactive discussion and, for interested authors, final formalized peer review. The overarching goal of JIR is to allow SoTL researchers an opportunity for public review of their work to promote innovative, quality research examining post-secondary teaching and learning. Through the public review process, authors receive feedback to allow them to revise their research prior to submitting for publication. Using the information from the public review, authors can revise their work to submit either to JIR for publication consideration or they may elect to submit to another publication outlet. Submissions to JIR are subject to a formalized peer review to determine suitability for publication.

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