Discussion Papers

Volume 6 - 2017 - Discussion Manuscripts

The following papers have been submitted to JIR for potential publication. The first state of the publication process is dissemination for public review. Please read and comment on the following manuscripts. Comments should be professional, relevant and provide guidance to the author on potential avenues for improvement.

2014 - Discussion Archives

The discussion period is now closed for the following manuscript submissions.
Document Active Learning Strategies for Complementing the Lecture Tea... in Large Classes in Higher Education - Jeffery Mangram.docx 49.5 KB716Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Active Learning-How to Be the Facilitator, Not the Authoritarian - Cheryl Patton.docx 55.8 KB1047 
Document Adding to Your Teaching Repertoire- Integrating Action Resea... Lesson Plans - Matthew J. Basham & Barbara Yankowy.docx 28 KB544 
Document Classroom Assessment Techniques Good for Business – Swinton Hudson.doc 45.5 KB1240 
Document Conspicuous Strategies in Teaching Expressive Writing - Jennifer Fontenot.doc 82.5 KB1729 
Document Discussing Active Learning with a Collaborative Assignment in a Hybrid Freshman College Classroom - Priscilla Bamba.doc 104.5 KB657 
Document Effectiveness of STAD and LT Cooperative Learning Strategies...’ Achievement and Motivation in Physics - Isiaka Gambari.doc 171 KB644 
Document Establishing and Atmosphere for Critical Thinking in the Online Classroom - Ronald G. Steadman.docx 41 KB656 
Document Faculty Engagement as a Function of Instructional Mode and E...h, Justin Barclay, Shanna Huslig & Christina M. Jackson.docx 45.1 KB648Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document From CATS to WILD HOGS-Elevating the Level of Discussion in - Meredith DeCosta, Rick Holbeck & Emily Bergquist.docx 38.1 KB695 
Document Grammar Games- A Case for Instructionist Game Models to and Accuracy - Jennifer M. Santos & Brian P. Raftery.docx 32.5 KB592 
Document Hiring Training and Supporting Online Faculty for Higher Student Retention Efforts - Lisa Marie Portugal.doc 123 KB641Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Integrating Technology into the Online Classroom through Steele, Thomas Dyer, Elizabeth Larson & Rick Holbeck.docx 384.4 KB601 
Document Learning through Research- Using Classroom Assessment Techniques as an Active Learning Strategy - Tetyana Rios.docx 38.1 KB544 
Document Opportunities to Create Active Learning Techniques in the Classroom - Danielle J. Camacho & Jill M. Legare.docx 31 KB650 
Document Reducing Classrooom Disputes between Faculty and Students - Ian Toppin & Laveda Pullens.docx 40.1 KB1354 
Document Supporting 21st-Century Teaching and Learning-The Role of Google Apps for Education - Lawrence Awuah.docx 117.2 KB657 
Document Talking Techne- Techniques to Establish an Active Online Discussion Forum - Stephanie Maher Palenque & Meredith DeCosta.docx 44.8 KB524 
Document Teaching APA Style Documentation- Discovery Learning, Scaffo... and Procedural Knowledge - Thomas Skeen & Maria Zafonte.doc 59.5 KB815 
Document The Use of Games as Classroom Assessment Techniques - Robert Vaughan.doc 39.5 KB1303 
Document The Writer’s Memo- A Tool for Improving Student Learning and Instructor Feedback - Patricia Nereim.docx 24.9 KB971 
Document Why Use Young Adult Literature in Content Teaching - Leisha Anderson.docx 64.8 KB607 
Document Will Small-Group Collaboration Increase the Number of Substa...scussion Forum - Pam Epler, Bruce Bennett & Rorie Ross.docx 36 KB604 
Document Working the Crowd- Behavior Management through Strategic Classroom Arrangement - Jeff Martin.docx 352 KB676 

2013 - Discussion Archives

The discussion period is now closed for the following manuscript submissions.
Document A Conceptual Model for CATs in the Online Classroom - Emily Bergquist & Rick Holbeck.docx 40.3 KB177347Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Adding Rigor to Classroom Assessment Techniques-A Lifecycle Improvement Approach - Jason Thomas & Philip Hornsey.docx 86.3 KB905Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Checking for Student Understanding in an Introductory Course - Rick Holbeck, Emily Bergquist & Shelia Lees.docx 26.5 KB761Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Disrupted Identities and Gentle Shifts When Teaching in Cybe...on, Suzanne Ehrlich, Susan Watts Taffe & Cheri Williams.docx 50.2 KB880Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Effective Classroom Assessments Online - Kristen DiCarlo & Lori Eyre.docx 27.9 KB870 
Document Effects on Instruction, Planning, and Efficacy to Teach Mathematics - Jameel Mostofo.docx 43.9 KB920 
Document Longitudinal Perspectives-Expanding the Efficacy of End of Course Surveys in Higher Education - Lawrence Wright.doc 582.5 KB637Rating: 4out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Mode of Delivery-A Classroom Assessment Technique Comparison - Andrea Hogan & Jolene Daw.doc 142 KB1141Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Servant Leadership Theory and the Emergency Services Student - Eric Russell.doc 134.5 KB1086 
Document Use of Classroom Assessment Techniques - John Steele & Thomas Dyer 61.9 KB1229 
Document Using Multimedia to Build a Sense of Community with Online Distance Learners - Jennifer Ashton.docx 489.2 KB1248Rating: 3.5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo
Document Webquest 2.0: Best Practices for the 21st Century - Jennifer Levin-Goldberg 77 KB2389Rating: 5out of5Igloo.Common.ObjectUserInfo

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