Journal of Instructional Research 2020 - Volume 9

Just-in-Time Teaching (JiTT) for Cybersecurity Courses

Mohamad Saleh, Grand Canyon University

Biology Student Participation and Review Sessions: Improving Success in Freshman Biology

Neal R. Adam, Grand Canyon University

Galyna Kufryk, Grand Canyon University

Joyita P. Mekondo, Shift 4 Payments LLC

The Role of Spirituality in Academic Achievement

Lori J. Cooper, Grand Canyon University

Elizabeth Valenti, Grand Canyon University 

Amanda Laster-Loftus, Grand Canyon University 

Using Frustration Awareness to Assist Counseling Students in Succeeding with their Online Curriculum

Daniel Kaufmann, Grand Canyon University

Terri Ferguson-Lucas, Grand Canyon University

Teaching How to Achieve an Achievement Culture in a K-12 Teacher Education University Program

Lisa Marie Portugal, American College of Education

Bhutanese In-Service Science Teachers' Conceptions of the Nature of Science

Dumcho Wangdi, Bajothang Higher Secondary School, Wangdue

Sonam Tshomo, Bajothang Higher Secondary School, Wangdue 

Sonam Lhamo, Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment, Thimphu

Intentional Integration of Faith and Learning: Historical Necessity and Indirect Approaches

David Farbishel, Grand Canyon University 

Robert Staples, Grand Canyon University 

Jennifer Pellish, Grand Canyon University  

Critical Reflection for Revising the Instructor Presence Technique Value Scale

John Steele, Grand Canyon University 

B. Jean Mandernach, Grand Canyon University 

Sarah Robertson, Grand Canyon University

Multiple Intelligences and Motivating College Students with Disabilities

Brian Stevens, Grand Canyon University 

Implementing Loom Technology as an Online Instructional Strategy

Renee Winter, Grand Canyon University 

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