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The Teaching Showcase (TS) provides a forum for the scholarly exchange of best practices in higher education. We would like to welcome you to our teaching showcase and invite you to ask questions, comment and provide your own experiences in the classroom. Presenters will be available to respond to questions throughout the months of September and October.

2019 Presentations

Cracking the Code

Cracking the Code: Guiding Students in the Online Classroom

Samia Humphrey and John Steele
Writers Wanted
Images: Getting Students to Look and Engage

Tennille Feldbush

Matrix of Value
Matrix of Value

John Steele and Sarah Robinson

Kind Feedback

Jennifer Chinn


Grading to the Extremes

Beverly Santelli

Effective Feedback: From Theory to Practice

Marybeth Nipp
Jolene Daw

Pasted Image
Effective Video Feedback

Mary Petty

Formative Feedback
Formative Feedback

Jennifer Pellish

2018- Best in Class

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