GCU Conferences

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Would you like to present your findings to the GCU scholarly community?

GCU hosts a range of opportunities for researchers to collaborate and share their research with the larger campus community. Researchers are encouraged to present their research to foster dialogue, gain valuable feedback and promote ongoing research cycles. 

Coming this fall is GCU’s first annual Scholarship Day and Conference! Faculty, you are invited to submit a poster to share research with other faculty members, discuss recent research and walk around the event to check out the different scholarship initiatives that have been taking place at GCU! This is an opportunity to share the work that you have been working on during 2015/16 and into 2016/2017. We are looking for poster displays as well as for faculty willing to give short 10-15 minute presentations summarizing their research. All topics are welcome. Please let us know if you are willing to join us by completing the form below.
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