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Would you like to present your findings to the GCU scholarly community?

GCU hosts a range of opportunities for researchers to collaborate and share their research with the larger campus community. Researchers are encouraged to present their research to foster dialogue, gain valuable feedback and promote ongoing research cycles. 

CIRT invites faculty to take advantage of an opportunity for you to present your developing or completed scholarship. The annual summer Teaching Showcase (TS) is currently accepting submissions. 

Each Teaching Showcase focuses on a different topic relevant to effective online instruction; the theme for this years TS is “BEST IN CLASS”. This year’s theme aims to capture the best practices of both traditional and non-traditional faculty. As educators, it is important to discover, reflect, and share teaching strategies with our colleagues and the collective community of teacher-scholars. As such, SoTL includes a broad range of pedagogical topics including:

  • Teaching Strategies

  • Curriculum

  • Assessment

  • Technology Integration

  • Active Learning Strategies

  • Reflective Practice

  • Pedagogy

  • Student Engagement

  • Teaching Critical Thinking

  • Student Learning

  • Motivation

    As such, presentations will all focus on issues relevant to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, while focusing on “Best in Class” practices. For example, topics might include

  • Teaching Strategies

  • LMS Best Practices

  • Classroom Management Strategies

  • Feedback Strategies

  • Instructional Efficiency

  • Value of Instructor Interaction

  • Use of Technology to Support Instruction

  • Online Teaching Strategies

  • Faculty Support Best Practices

For more information about SoTL, including a worksheet for designing your SoTL study, please visit: https://cirt.gcu.edu/research/sotl


All faculty (fulltime, part-time, campus-based or online) at Grand Canyon University are eligible to present at TS. TS is an opportunity for GCU faculty to share best practices in online instruction with other GCU faculty. Presenting at the TS is limited to members of the GCU community. 

Questions or Assistance

 For questions or assistance concerning the Teaching Showcase, please contact Rick Holbeck at rick.holbeck@gcu.edu or Morgan McNaughton at Morgan.McNaughton@gcu.edu


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