GCU Conferences

GCU Conferences

Would you like to present your findings to the GCU scholarly community?

GCU hosts a range of opportunities for researchers to collaborate and share their research with the larger campus community. Researchers are encouraged to present their research to foster dialogue, gain valuable feedback and promote ongoing research cycles. 

The Teaching Showcase (TS), formerly known as the Online Teaching Showcase (OTS), provides a forum for the scholarly exchange of best practices in higher education. Designed to foster instructional effectiveness, TS features experienced  faculty sharing strategies that optimize learning and engagement in the traditional and non-traditional classroom

CIRT hosts the SoTL Summit to bring faculty of all experience levels together in pursuit of developing their SoTL research. The Summit features workshops, sessions and consultations featuring SoTL topics. the Summit is held on campus twice a year. Virtual participation is available.

The Kevin McClean Research Colloquium is presented by the Colangelo College of Business. The goal of the KMRC is to advance and promote the scholarship and scholarly engagement by offering an avenue for presenters to share their research in a supportive environment that promotes the identification of new theoretical and empirical directions that cover a broad set of frameworks. Scholars are encouraged to propose new areas and methods as they explore their novel propositions. Empirical contributions as well as theoretical development and conceptual papers are all welcome.


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