Conducting Research


Looking for assistance to conduct or fund your research study?

Research Support provides assistance in conducting research, gaining grant funding and navigating certifications necessary to conduct research. From securing a research assistant to guidance in navigating the GCU research process to applying for funding to support your research, GCU offers a range of support services to help you effectively and efficiently conduct your research.

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CITI Training

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GCU requires all researchers to successfully complete research ethics training prior to applying for IRB approval. The CITI (Collaborative Institution Training Initiative) training program involves web-based instruction in the ethics of research with human subjects.  CITI Training is free to GCU learners and faculty and requires approximately 15-20 hours to complete.

Site Authorization


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 Faculty and student researchers interested in conducting research with GCU students, staff and/or faculty must submit a Site Authorization Application describing the purpose and scope of the research, duration of the study, target population, impact on GCU operations and resources, data use and potential benefit to the University. Please review the Procedure for Approval to Conduct Research at GCU describing the process and requirements for obtaining site approval.

Institutional Review Board

iStock_000004826716Large.jpgGCU is committed to quality research, scholarship, and service. All systematic research undertaken by GCU faculty, staff or students is subject to review under the Institutional Review Board (IRB) policies and procedures for protection of human subjects in research. 

Research Grants

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Research grant funding is designed to promote scholarly investigations by providing funding for research supplies and expenses. All fulltime faculty and online doctoral faculty or learners are eligible to apply for research funding.


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