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 The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is a specific type of research that seeks to use discovery, reflection and evidence-based research to investigate teaching methods and student learning outcomes.  THINK is an 8-week series of modules designed to assist faculty in developing SoTL projects.

How do you know if THINK is right for you?

The THINK program is designed specifically for faculty who are interested in researching aspects of teaching and learning and would like to further develop their ideas.  If your research ideas do not relate directly to learning more about teaching, pedagogy, learning, and outcomes, the THINK program may not be right for you.  If you are already have an existing data set and would like assistance writing up the results for publication, you should consider enrolling in the INK program instead.  To really consider whether THINK is right for you, reflect on the statements below and ask yourself to rate your reaction:  1 - Strongly Disagree, 2 - Disagree, 3 - Neutral, 4 - Agree, 5 - Strongly Agree.   If you agree or strongly agree with most of the items, then THINK is right for you!

  • I have a question or challenge related to effective teaching and/or learning.
  • I am interested in conducting research that could improve the effectiveness of my teaching or the quality of student learning.
  • I have an idea of how I could change my instruction, assignments, or curriculum to impact student learning.
  • I am interested in exploring how my instructional practices impact student learning, satisfaction, engagement or retention.
  • I am interested in examining how different types of pedagogy impact learning outcomes.
  • I would like to conduct research that could ultimately improve my teaching.
  • I believe that teaching styles impact student learning and I am interested in learning more.

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The INK program is intended to  provide structure and support to help you move the the ideas in your head into publications on your vita. Participation in the INK program assumes your research is complete, the data has been analyzed, and that you have drawn conclusions from that data that you would like to share with academic community.  If you have just completed research and do not know how to begin the publication process, or if you have recently done a research poster session or given a presentation and would like to take your findings to the next level, you may find the INK program a valuable tool to assist you in reaching your publication goals.  INK will help you overcome your fears of the writing process and will help you avoid the pitfalls that keep many faculty from getting their results published.


Increase collaboration with other full-time ground and online faculty across discipline. Gain exposure to current trends and research. Develop and improve upon instructional practices. Increase understanding of research methodologies. Broaden understanding of qualitative and quantitative methods . Identify research partners

retreats.pngIn the midst of phone calls, emails, errands, classes… life in general, it can be daunting to find a block of time to get your research in. CIRT would like to try to support you by scheduling some dedicated research time and space. Retreats will take place on the main campus, but you are also able to take part virtually! During this time CIRT researchers will be available via phone and chat to answer your research questions. We will create a virtual venue where you can interact with the other researchers taking part in the retreat.  Even if you do not want to share your work and ask questions, it is a time that is set aside for research purposes. Sign up and we will send you a care package to help you through your research retreat!
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