Development Resources

Development Resources

Preparing to conduct research? Start here.

The conclusions drawn from a research study are only as valid as the methodology that produced them. Development Resources includes information and support to help you design an effective research study. From formulating your research question to determining the proper methodology, the following resources provide guidance to assist every step along the way.

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SoTL Development

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The scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) involves "systematic reflection on teaching and learning made public" (CASTL, 1998). The purpose of SoTL is to enhance student learning by approaching the process of teaching with the same empirical rigor that is applied to traditional research endeavors. Through this type of diligent, intentional attention to teaching impacts, one simultaneously improves the effectiveness of their own teaching while contributing to the larger body of knowledge on best practices in post-secondary teaching.


Research Ready

GCU has created the Research Ready Certification Program (RRCP) to prepare you to engage in scholarly research.  What are the benefits of the completing the program?  In addition to enhancing your skills to engage in scholarly research, you receive personalized guidance during your research endeavor, from ideation to publication.

Research Tutorials

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Research Tutorials provide practical, applied information on selected research topics to help you brush up on research development and design. In addition to information on qualitative and quantitative research, tutorials are also provided to assist with library research and scientific writing.

Purple File

purple file.jpgA GCU Purple File results from a collaboration between Library Services and CIRT. Here you can submit your research question and we will help you obtain some articles that will help get you started with your literature review.

CV Builder

large_CVBuilderBanner.jpgThe GCU Curriculum Vitae Builder provides a convenient and centralized location to keep track of your scholarship accomplishments. The CV builder allows faculty to enter their scholarship information into an easy web interface that not only creates an exportable CV via word or PDF, but also updates your information on file with the university. Beyond the convenience of the CV builder allowing faculty to create a CV and record their information in a central location, the CV builder helps keep the university up to date on your scholarly accomplishments that are then used in course approval decisions. you will use your LoudCloud username and password to access your profile.

Research Consultation

The Research Consultation program is designed to support GCU faculty conducting scholarly research. Research consultants are available to brainstorm, assist with development of research ideas, provide feedback on research proposals or methodology, and assist with data analysis.



Research Liaisons

Research liaisons support faculty in their research endeavors by providing guidance in navigating GCU research processes and procedures. In addition, research liaisons serve as support throughout the research process by answering questions, offering advice and providing feedback.


Draft Review

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CIRT staff are available to review article manuscripts, conference proposals or conference presentations to offer suggestions and advice to enhance the final product. Draft reviews are available to all fulltime faculty.

CIRT Webinars

Webinars.pngCIRT staff conduct monthly webinars based on themes requested by GCU Faculty 

Library Guide

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Library Research & Reference Assistance, includes the below and much more!
  • Literature Review - Assistance with search strategies and locating resources
  • Interlibrary Loan - Ordering and delivery of materials we don't own
  • Citation Management Strategies - Assistance with set-up and advanced features of RefWorks to organize and format references for publication
  • Journal Selection - Guidance on using the Library's databases and tools to help select the appropriate avenue for publication

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