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Would you like to publish your research in one of GCU's peer-reviewed journals?

GCU publishes a number of different journals to support the scholarly community and promote the dissemination of research both within and beyond the campus community. The range of journals available ensures that there is an appropriate outlet for all topics, disciplines and research methodologies.

JIR Logo - small.gifJournal of Instructional Research

The Journal of Instructional Research (JIR) is an annual publication that highlights faculty research relevant to best practices in post-secondary instruction. Unique to JIR is the use of a two-stage evaluation process with public peer review, interactive discussion and, for interested authors, final formalized peer review.

CJIS logo - small.gifCanyon Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Canyon Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (CJIS) is an annual online publication that highlights exemplary student and faculty research at GCU. The goals of CJIS are: 1) to encourage exchange of empirical and theoretical research among faculty and students at GCU, especially graduate students; 2) to provide graduate students professional experience in the dissemination and publication of their work; and 3) to increase awareness of the range and diversity of research being conducted by faculty and students at GCU.

journal of nonsignificant differences icon - small.gif
Journal of Non-Significant Differences

The Journal of Non-Significant Differences is a student-lead, peer-reviewed journal designed to highlight the value of non-significant research findings while providing learners with a comprehensive understanding of the research cycle and the publication process. Central to the journal is an understanding that research does not have to be significant to provide valuable insight into ongoing scholarship. As such, articles are evaluated according to the soundness of the research process and the ability to contextualize the importance of non-significant findings.

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