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Have you completed the required ethical training to conduct research?

GCU requires all researchers to successfully complete research ethics training prior to applying for IRB approval. The CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) training program involves web-based instruction in the ethics of research with human subjects.  CITI Training is free to GCU researchers and requires approximately 10-15 hours to complete. Researchers must submit completion reports for the Basic Research Course and the Responsible Conduct of Research Course as part of the IRB application in IRBNet. Training certification remains in effect for five years. 

CITI Training Faculty Registration Instructions

1. Go to

2. Click “Register Here”

3. Select Grand Canyon University from the list of “Participating Institutions”, leaving the other fields blank.

4. Type in personal information. Enter your first and last names, verify your email address, and fill out gender and race section.

5. Create a username and password, and choose security questions.

6. Select Yes or No for CME/CEU credits (*GCU students will typically select No unless Continuing Medical Education or Continuing Education credit is desired).

7. Select Yes or No for voluntarily completing a research survey.

8. Click “continue” to proceed to next step.

9. Enter Faculty Registration. Required fields are marked by an asterisk (*). (If you do not know your Employee ID number please enter 0).

10. Select the following choices on the drop-down menu * Role in Human Subjects Research: Research Administrator

11. For *Which course do you plan to take? Basic Human Subjects – Social and Behavioral Focus

12. Click “submit” to proceed to the next step.

13. Select Curriculum - Question 1. Do you conduct human subject’s research?

  • Select “Yes, I conduct social or behavioral research, but I am not a student conducting minimal risk research.”

14. Question 2. Are you required to complete the CITI Responsible Conduct of Research Course?

  • Select “Yes, I am required to complete the RCR FOR SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE FACULTY course.

15. Click “Complete Registration” then click “Finalize registration”. Click on drop down menu next

to Grand Canyon University Courses.

16. You will be enrolled in two courses: 

  • RCR FOR SOCIAL AND BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE FACULTY. To pass this course you must complete the 11 required modules.
  • SOCIAL/BEHAVIORAL RESEARCH (Basic Course). To pass this course you must complete all 18 required modules.

17. CITI Training provides a Completion Report upon sucessful completion of each course. This is located in “Main Menu” page (see below). Print and save a copy of each Completion Report(s) for your records.

18. Next, copy/paste your reports into a word document or save as a pdf. and keep for your records for future IRB research applications and verification of completion for GCU doctoral faculty training courses.

19.  Note:  CITI Training Certification is valid for 5 years.



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