Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

The purpose of SoTL is to enhance student learning by approaching the process of teaching with the same empirical rigor that is applied to traditional research endeavors. Through this type of diligent, intentional attention to teaching impacts, one simultaneously improves the effectiveness of their own teaching while contributing to the larger body of knowledge on best practices in post-secondary teaching.

About The Center for Innovation in Research on Teaching (CIRT)

The Center for Innovation in Research on Teaching strives to support the faculty at Grand Canyon University to become renowned leaders in producing, practicing and critiquing innovative approaches to teaching research. Our goals are to:

  • Foster innovative instructional and assessment strategies in the classroom
  • Facilitate dissemination of evidence-based teaching principles, strategies and educational policy
  • Create opportunities for reflection, dialogue and exchange of best practices in higher education
  • Promote a scholarly approach to teaching, learning and assessment


Programs to Support your Needs

No matter what stage you are in on your SoTL journey, we offer synchronous and asynchronous opportunities for support with your SoTL research.


Ideal for

Getting Started with SoTL
Those new to SoTL who want some general information or help brainstorming how they are already using SoTL
SoTL AmbassadorThis program recognizes the pivotal role of faculty members in advancing academic excellence at GCU and rewards their dedication to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). 
Journal of Instructional Research (JIR)
Journal of Educators Online (JEO)
JIR is ideal for newer researchers looking to publish empirical SoTL articles. JIR provides feedback and support throughout the publication process.
JEO is primarily external authors and provides a look at SoTL articles written by faculty around the world.
Research Ready: SoTL and Introduction to Generative AI and SoTLThose needing a refresher or with basic questions relating to the SoTL research process or with questions about how AI might be used in ways related to SoTL research
Think SoTL
Faculty who would like a structured SoTL research development experience with weekly feedback
Ink Modules
Faculty who would like a structured SoTL research writing experience with weekly feedback AND already have collected data
Research Consultation
Those wishing for one on one information at any point in the SoTL research process

Draft Review
Faculty or who have started a draft of a manuscript, or received peer review comments and are looking for suggestions to move towards publication
SoTL SummitFaculty interested in learning about timely SoTL topics in a virtual conference format
SoTL Think TankFaculty looking to join with other researchers or work on a SoTL study currently in demand by GCU
Teaching ShowcaseFaculty who like examples of best teaching practices to show how to move from best practice to SoTL Research 
Studies from GCU
Faculty who like to see what other SoTL studies are being conducted at GCU (though this is not an exhaustive list)
Faculty looking to find specific outlets to present or publish SoTL studies
SoTL FundsFor faculty who have been accepted to present SoTL studies at academic conferences and would like assistance with the cost
SoTL Spotlight
For faculty interested in learning about other faculty actively engaged in SoTL research at GCU

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