Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

The scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) involves "systematic reflection on teaching and learning made public" (CASTL, 1998). The purpose of SoTL is to enhance student learning by approaching the process of teaching with the same empirical rigor that is applied to traditional research endeavors. Through this type of diligent, intentional attention to teaching impacts, one simultaneously improves the effectiveness of their own teaching while contributing to the larger body of knowledge on best practices in post-secondary teaching.

SoTL Process and Resources

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Getting Started

Getting Started with SoTL Form

Becoming a Teaching Scholar

SoTL Certificate

Value of SoTL

The value of SoTL in higher education is well established. The following articles discuss the role of SoTL for enhancing post-secondary instruction:

- Gray, K., Chang, R.L., & Radloff, A. (2007). Enhancing the scholarship of teaching and learning: Evaluation of a scheme to improve
teaching and learning through action research. International Journal for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
- Keith Trigwell, K.,Martin, E.,Benjamin, J. and Prosser, M. (2000). Scholarship of Teaching: A model. Higher Education Research and
Development (HERD).
- Brew, A. (2003).Teaching and Research: New relationships and their implications for inquiry-based teaching and learning in higher
education. Higher Education Research and Development (HERD).

Resources Link

The following resources provide an overview for those interesting in engaging in SoTL work:

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