What is policy making?

RR graphic - no words.jpg Module 1: What is policy making?

At the conclusion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • differentiate the levels of policy making in the United States.
  • examine different health policy examples.

Policymaking in the United States

  1. Examples of policies

Policymaking in the United States is understanding the sources of law and the governmental powers to statutes, regulations, and roles.   Health/health care policy analyses are common in public health, given the need to provide advice to government officials, organizations, institutions, and key leaders in communities for the health of the nation.  Understanding the power and function of the governmental powers will help you comprehend the public health/health example of law.  Review the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) PowerPoint for further guidance on examples of the basic sources of U.S. law, which include constitutions, treaties, statutes, regulations, and common law.  An overview of how the three branches of government work are essential to contribute to researching what policy you would like to interpret and provide an alternative recommendation to.   In order to fully recognize a health policy take the time to review the CDC website on legislation, regulations, and policies.   Module 10 has the specifications of page count needs to complete your health policy analysis. Then watch the video by the CDC on why policy matters.

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