The Journal of Non-Significant Differences (JNSD) and the Canyon Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (CJIS) merged in 2016. The new partnership between the two journals retains the JNSD belief that there is value in the outcome of solid empirical research regardless of the level of significance found through statistical analysis and the CJIS emphasis on exchange of empirical and theoretical research among faculty and students at GCU, especially graduate students and doctoral learners. Recent graduates who previously submitted to JNSD will further benefit from an increase in scholarly dialogue between the JNSD and the CJIS scholarly community.

 Those interested in submitting to the Canyon Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies are encouraged to do so at:


Scott Greenberger -

Managing Editor

Morgan Denney -



Editorial Advisory Board

B. Jean Mandernach, PhD - Grand Canyon University

Michael Berger, EdD - Grand Canyon University

Trent Maurer, PhD - Georgia Southern University



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