Journal of Non-Significant Differences

The Journal of Non-Significant Differences is a student-lead, peer-reviewed journal designed to highlight the value of non-significant research findings while providing learners with a comprehensive understanding of the research cycle and the publication process. Central to the journal is an understanding that research does not have to be significant to provide valuable insight into ongoing scholarship. As such, articles are evaluated according to the soundness of the research process and the ability to contextualize the importance of non-significant findings.

As evidenced by the title of the journal, JNSD features only research that reveals non-significant statistical findings. The journal accepts manuscripts from learners at all postsecondary levels (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral) across all disciplines. Submissions are open to students from any university or college.

About JNSD

The goals of JNSD are to:

  • highlight the value of sound research methodology regardless of statistical outcome
  • provide learners leadership opportunities in scholarly engagement
  • allow learners to participate in the full publication process
  • prepare future academics for engaging in effective editorial and review activity
  • encourage critical analysis of empirical work
  • showcase research not amenable to traditional journals

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