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Using Pinterest

By Alexis Register – 14 Comments

Can we use Pinterest to gain ideas for creative curriculum

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Finding Appreciation

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Steps to finding your own appreciation at work


Many people struggle with the boundaries of what can be shared about faith within the classroom. Others struggle with understanding how to implement faith in the classroom when they do come from that type of background. Instructors either never attempt to do this because they feel absolutely uncomfortable doing it or they do it as many times as they can because it is a part of their fiber. Where ever an instructor happens to fall into this scale, there is a great resource that can help you to understand what integrating faith into the classroom is all about. I am providing the resource here and I will be giving more tools from this site and others in the future in order to help instructors feel more comfortable implementing faith into the classrooms at the higher level of education.

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Steps instructors can take to lessen the resistance to CLC assignments.

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Using "stretch" posts to engage top preforming students.

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Onlines Communities Do Matter

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Developing a sense of community in online classroom can be a positive endeavor, at least one study says.

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Helping students develop a sense of belonging in the online classroom using group-based and identity-based attachments.

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Ask, And You Shall Receive!

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Asking the right type of questions can help promote critical thinking and increase dialogue in the online classroom.

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The Paradox of Critical Feedback

By Eric Nordin – 14 Comments

Surprisingly, we love receiving such feedback, but are loathed to give it.

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A debate about the positive and negative effects technology has made concerning researching, critical thinking, discerning, and how instructors teach.

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