Using the Sage Research Tool

Using the Sage Research Tool

This module will review the resources and navigation of the library's database called Sage Research Methods Online and the benefits of using SRMO during the research design process.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to access and search the Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) content
  • Identify how to create and add content to "My Methods List"
  • Navigate and understand benefits of "Methods Map"
  • Identify GCU resources for assistance with research


What is Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO)?

Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) is a collection of material and sources focusing on research and methodology and is designed to help researchers develop research designs and gain a deeper understanding about the research process. SRMO can be used across subject disciplines as the content focus is on research methodology and not on individual subject disciplines.

What Types of Resources and Content is Available on Sage Research Methods Online?

Sage Research Methods Online contains content from over 720 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, the entire "Little Green Book," and "Little Blue Book" series. Also, included are tutorials and content specific videos, in addition to several hundred journal articles as well as the Sage comprehensive book titles, "major works", on qualitative, quantitative, internet, biographical research and visual methods and secondary data analysis.


SMRO Overview Video

How Do I Access Sage Research Methods Online?

The GCU Library has subscribed to Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) and has made the content available on the library's website at Current GCU students, faculty and staff can use their GCU username and password to access all resources on the library's website. As SRMO is a multidisciplinary resource, it is located in multiple subject menus on the library's website. After loading, select "Find Journal Articles." SRMO is located on every subject category for which GCU has a corresponding doctoral program. To locate SRMO, choose the doctoral subjects under "Find Databases by Subject." Alternatively, you can navigate to SRMO directly by selecting the letter "S" under "Browse Database by Title." After locating and clicking on the "Sage Research Methods Online" link on the library's website, enter your GCU credentials on the login page to gain access to the content.

Navigating in Sage Research Methods Online

Similar to other library databases, Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) has basic and advanced search features and the ability to browse by type of resource (encyclopedias, dictionaries, books, articles and more!). The most powerful way to explore SRMO is via the "Methods Map". Choose "Methods Map" from the "Methodologies" menu on the main page.

"The Methods Map is a visual search tool supported by a unique, complex taxonomy of research methods terms, methodologies, and people in the field. Click on the nodes to explore relationships between terms, search to find new relationships, and browse related content to support your research." (Sage Research Methods, 2013) The graphic representation in the "Methods Map" is a powerful tool to drive the exploration and choice of methodology for your research design.

The "Methods Map" provides access to all of the SRMO content on that topic by selecting "Show Content" and then choosing the content type for resources on the chosen methodology. The "Methods Map" provides an interactive graphic portal to explore broad methodologies and allows for the narrowing of selection of methodology and exploration of subtopics. For researchers beginning the methodology selection process, the content knowledge provided along with the graphic representation of the methodology relationships arms the researcher with important knowledge to inform the research design process.


How to Start Your Research

My Methods List

The exploration and navigation of Sage Research Methods Online (SRMO) empowers users with content for methodology discussions. SRMO also allows for users to save selected content to "My Methods List." Users can create a free account within SRMO that allows the saving of content to a list to review and access over time. Content selected can then be reviewed on the customized, personal list. To promote discussions and discoverability, it is also possible to share your personal lists with other SRMO users. On the "My Methods List" page, locate the padlock symbol and choose "Make Public" or "Make Private" to keep lists private or share them with other users.

Methods Map and Methods List Video

Where Can I find Help with Sage Research Methods Online and Other Research Needs?

The GCU Library provides access to over 70,000 full text journal titles equaling millions of articles and over 150,000 ebooks. Sage Research Methods Online is just one of the great resources in the library's collection. When developing research methodology and finalizing decisions regarding research design, SRMO is a powerful assistive tool, providing both an interactive exploration of methodology topics with expansive content. When researching subject specific material, it is important to perform an expansive search of the published literature using the library's databases.

The GCU Librarians are available to assist with methodology design research, as well as providing consultation on specific subject disciplines. Contact the Library today to jump start your methodology selection, discuss your search strategies for your literature review or for help with navigation of the library's website. The library's search experts are your partners in the research process.

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