The Teaching Showcase (TS), formerly known as the Online Teaching Showcase (OTS), provides a forum for the scholarly exchange of best practices in higher education. Designed to foster instructional effectiveness, TS features experienced  faculty sharing strategies that optimize learning and engagement in the traditional and non-traditional classroom.

Unique to TS is the online, time-limited, asynchronous nature of interactions that provide a forum for professional exchange not limited by the traditional conference confines of time, location or funding. As such, TS attendees and presenters have the flexibility to login to the conference showcase at their own convenience, download or archive select presentations, and view presentations with respect to specific interests.

The goals of the Teaching Showcase are:

  1. To enhance the quality of instruction through the dissemination of effective teaching strategies.
  2. To encourage scholarly dialogue about best practices in online instruction and assessment among faculty in both traditional and non-traditional classrooms
  3. To increase awareness of the range and diversity of innovative instructional and assessment strategies available in the classroom.

GCU Policies for Inclusion of Instructor-Generated Multimedia in Online Courses

  1. GCU does not assist instructor or student with multimedia technical difficulties.  The instructor must be prepared to provide his/her own technical support to students.
  2. Instructors must abide by all current copyright laws pertaining to all multimedia content. As such, instructors should only utilize multimedia that they have created.
  3. Multimedia must be made available to university personnel for at least eight weeks after the course end date to facilitate issues with grade appeals or other student concerns.
  4. Multimedia content should be appropriate for an academic setting and specifically the class for which it is intended.  GCU maintains the right to determine the appropriateness of multimedia supplements; any material found offensive or inappropriate by GCU standards will be removed.
  5. Instructor-generated  multimedia should enhance, not replace, pre-loaded classroom materials.  Pre-loaded materials and expectations must be utilized and cannot be altered or modified as a function of supplemental materials.
  6. If  multimedia presents additional material or expectations, the instructor must also provide a written transcript to abide by ADA guidelines. Multimedia supplements providing clarification of an assignment or expectation do not require a transcript.

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