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There is no single formula for effective teaching; effective teaching is a dynamic interaction of techniques, strategies, feedback and environment. Innovative teachers embrace this dynamic interaction… monitoring, assessing, changing… continually reflecting on the impact of their instructional practices. Innovative teachers approach teaching as a scholarly process that demands diligent attention to outcomes and a willingness to incorporate novel instructional strategies.


Thoughts on Teaching

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Using Pinterest

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Can we use Pinterest to gain ideas for creative curriculum

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Finding Appreciation

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Steps to finding your own appreciation at work

Many people struggle with the boundaries of what can be shared about faith within the classroom. Others struggle with understanding how to implement faith in the classroom when they do come from that type of background. Instructors either never attempt to do this because they feel absolutely uncomfortable doing it or they do it as many times as they can because it is a part of their fiber. Where ever an instructor happens to fall into this scale, there is a great resource that can help you to understand what integrating faith into the classroom is all about. I am providing the resource here and I will be giving more tools from this site and others in the future in order to help instructors feel more comfortable implementing faith into the classrooms at the higher level of education.

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Education Anywhere

An article by Dr. Bruce A. Johnson entitled "Become a Successful Online Educator Using These Strategies"

Does increasing the required volume of knowledge increase student achievement?

Anecdotal insights indicate that entitlement might be a root of poor critical thinking skills.

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Help us congratulate Adil Dalal on his recent accomplishments

Scott Greenberger has been accepted to present his paper based on his work for his dissertation “Applying the Dualistic Model of Passion to Post-Secondary Online Instruction: A Comparative Study” at the 2012 World Congress of Positive Psychology

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Teaching Webinars

Synchronous, interactive sessions conducted by GCU teaching experts that highlight best practices in higher education.

Teaching Tips & Tricks

Teaching Tips are online, asynchronous modules (15 minutes to 1 hour in duration) that highlight theoretical and pedagogical information to promote best practices in instruction.

Technology Tools

Technology Tools are short, online, asynchronous modules highlighting a technology teaching tool along with relevant pedagogical implementation strategies.

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