Plagiarism can be defined in many ways. For example, plagiarism is:

Despite the varying definitions of plagiarism, they share one thing in common: plagiarism involves using someone's words, thoughts or ideas without giving the original author proper credit.

To avoid plagiarism, one must simply give credit to all their sources. The APA Manual provides very specific guidelines for how this credit should be reported. When in doubt, you should always provide a citation (and corresponding reference) for all information that is not your original thought or idea.

One means of avoiding accidental plagiarism is to correctly define and cite key information. Watch the video "Definition" for a closer look at the role of definitions in the writing process. In addition, view the video "Quotes and Citations" for details on how to correctly cite and reference your work. Scroll down to the selected video titles and click on the VoD icon to view.

For tips on avoiding accidental plagiarism, see:

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