Scholarly Engagement Fund Guidelines

Is your application eligible for funding?

All GCU fulltime faculty (including both campus-based and online) and doctoral affiliated Faculty and Learners are eligible to apply for Scholarly Engagement Funds. All funded conference presentations must be completed as an affiliate of GCU. Review the following guidelines to confirm your eligibility to receive funding.


Scholarly Engagement Grants are available to promote scholarly activities of GCU fulltime faculty (including campus-based and online) and doctoral faculty and students. Scholarly Engagement funds are available to support SoTL research presentations at scholarly conferences.  Funding is available to pay expenses associated with:

  •    Lodging, meals, and transportation (including mileage reimbursement)
  •    Conference registration
  •    Domestic travel only (International travel will not be approved)

Funding Amounts

Scholarly Engagement Funds are awarded on a competitive basis up to the following limits:

  • Maximum of $1250 per conference
  • Maximum of $2500 per applicant per calendar year

Applicants must include a notice of any funding received from another source; duplicate funding (i.e., funding for the same purpose) is not allowed.  Fund awards will balance the demands of multiple meritorious proposals against limited funds. The faculty committee consisting of representatives from all colleges will determine award based upon: Type of presentation, Dean and CIRT recommendations of conference impact to GCU, number of conferences applicant has attended using grant during calendar year, number of presenters and amount of funding available.  In case of equal merit, preference will be given to full-time faculty, those applying for an oral presentation,  and those that have not received a recent Faculty Scholarly Engagement Funds.



All fulltime faculty (including both campus-based and online) and GCU doctoral faculty and learners are eligible to apply for Faculty Scholarly Engagement Funds. Recipients must complete all funded research as an affiliate of GCU.

Application Timeline

To be considered for funding during each designated time period, funding applications are due as follows: 

Conference DateApplication Deadline

Notification By

Q1January 1 through March 31

December 1

December 15

Q2April 1 through June 30

March 1

March 15

Q3July 1 through September 30

June 1

June 15

Q4October 1 through December 31

September 1

September 15

Applications submitted after the deadline may be considered in relation to available funding.

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