Evaluation Criteria


Evaluation Criteria

​​Are you applying for a Scholarly Engagement Grant?

GCU Scholarly Engagement Grants are awarded on a competitive basis from a limited funding pool. As such, you are encouraged to prepare your application to effectively showcase the value, significance and impact of your scholarly work and conference presentation. Review the following guidelines prior to submitting your grant application.

Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

Quality of the proposal (i.e., significance, relevance of methodology, importance of findings, value to large academic community, etc). Proposals should be framed in a manner easily understood by someone outside your discipline. Proposals must meet high professional standards in presentation, including spelling, grammar, and proper budgeting.
Potential for peer-review publication, presentation, exhibition, etc.
Budgetary appropriateness.
Potential for disseminating research to broader academic community.
Value for professional development of faculty member.
Impact of the conference for promoting the research agenda and the broader scholarly community.

Review Committees

Doctoral Scholarly Engagement:
  • Dr. Hank Radda
  • Dr. Cynthia Bainbridge
  • Dr. Scott Greenberger
Faculty Research and Development:
  • Currently pending update (March 2018)

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