The Center for Innovation in Research on Teaching (CIRT) was founded in 2010 to facilitate excellence in research on teaching at Grand Canyon University. As a faculty-driven initiative, CIRT strives to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse faculty. CIRT programming and services cross teaching mode and discipline to foster an integrated faculty community of teaching scholars.


Faculty at Grand Canyon University will be renowned leaders in producing, practicing, and critiquing innovative approaches to teaching research.


Foster the growth of critical consumers and producers of knowledge in the areas of teaching and learning research. 


Foster a culture of critical reflection that looks past "best practices" to "best questions" to promote innovation in teaching and learning research.


  • Foster innovative instructional and assessment strategies in the classroom.
  • Facilitate dissemination of evidence-based teaching principles, strategies, and educational policy.
  • Create opportunities for reflection, dialogue, and exchange of best practices in higher education.
  • Promote a scholarly approach to teaching, learning, and assessment.

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