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Back to School, Back to Scholarship!!

By John Steele

By Maria Zafonte

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Tuning into our Students’ Learning Needs

By Jean Mandernach – 4 Comments

Tuning into our Students’ Learning Needs
Stephanie White, PsyD, PhD, LCSW, DCSW


Teaching through Application - David Perkins

By Jean Mandernach

Having to students master course concepts while concurrently learning how to apply the concepts in a meaningful way is one of my goals as an instructor. I hope to empower my students with skills that help them be successful in organizations!


Teaching Between the Lines - Teri Beardsley

By Jean Mandernach – 4 Comments

When teaching my online courses, I try to provide students with information that is “between the lines” in regards to what they may encounter as early childhood or special educators.


Being Present for Your Students - Enid Schwartz

By Jean Mandernach – 7 Comments

When asked to showcase my best practices to share with others, I had to really search for the right words to convey what I do because I do what feels natural for me. Having been a distant learner during my PhD program I know that there are times students feel as if they are in never-never land, between hard walls and outer space. It can be pretty lonely out there. For that reason, I check into my classroom frequently so that students don’t feel as if they have no lifeline to help guide them.


Building rapport during each discussion is important for two aspects. First, each student not only needs to answer the discussion questions, usually two for an undergraduate class, but needs to incorporate experience and characteristics of their character and knowledge. Secondly, students gather the foundational meaning of each discussion question and may answer more appropriately in simply two or three replies.


Engaging the Online Student - Maria Ramjerdi

By Jean Mandernach – 4 Comments

In any class the most important role of a faculty is to engage students in active learning by creating an environment that students have the opportunity to interact with faculty and their peers.


The online environment can be very daunting for many students as they try to transition from the traditional brick and mortar classroom environment. In my classes I strive to provide a very hands-on and active classroom.


Discussing Mathematics: UGGGHHH - Cynthia Bervig

By Jean Mandernach – 5 Comments

I absolutely love the discussion forums in GCU’s online classrooms and I do believe that discussion in any class (even a math class) is paramount to the learning experience. This is an easy thing for me to say because I truly love mathematics and I truly love discussing it. Many of my students, however, have a very different outlook when it comes to discussing mathematics and they really don’t know where to even start sometimes.

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