IABE 2014 Orlando Winter Conference - Research/Teaching Excellence in Business and Economics

By IABE Secretariat – September 15, 2013
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We invite you to participate in the upcoming IABE 2014 Conference:

IABE-2014 Orlando, Florida, USA : Winter Conference, March 16-18, 2014:
Submission Deadline: January 10, 2014!

Please visit our website www.iabe.org for more information on our refereed journals and the conference.

Submit your papers online at http://www.iabe.org or email it to: Admin@iabe.org

Some of our refereed and publically available journal publications:
California Business Review (CBR)
European Journal of Business Research (EJBR)
European Journal of Management (EJM)
International Journal of Business Research (IJBR)
International Journal of Business Strategy (IJBS)
International Journal of Strategic Management (IJSM)
Journal of Academy of Business and Economics (JABE)
Journal of International Business and Economics (JIBE)
International journal of Finance and Economics (JIFE)
Journal of International Finance Studies (JIFS)
Journal of International Management Studies (JIMS)
Review of Business Research (RBR)

We invite you to visit our website www.iabe.org for more information.


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