Wikis in the Classroom

What is a wiki?  How could the use of wikis be applied in your classroom?  The following module will provide you with basic knowledge regarding wiki use and how to get started.  If you are not at all familiar with wikis, the following YouTube video provides an excellent introduction:


A wiki is a website that is designed to allow for collaboration. The site is continuously open for edits and revisions by all participants. The use of wikis allows students to become more engaged with both their classmates and with the content.  The student will take a more active roll in the learning process by collaborating with classmates through the use of wikis.  Wikis also allow students the opportunity to be creative and to develop their communication skills. How can an instructor apply the use of wikis in the classroom?   Following is a short list of specific examples of wikis being used in a classroom setting:

  • Students collaboratively writing a lab report.  The wiki allows all students to add to the content and make edits.
  • Creative projects that reinforce learning.  An example would be students working together to learn more about England by creating a travel brochure.
  • Online writer's workshop where students can share drafts and make edits.

The video below provides an opportunity to hear from an instructor that has incorporated the concept of wikis into classroom activities.

Suggested Readings

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