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Are you ready to present your research?

The Research Ready Certification Program (RRCP) is designed to help GCU Faculty and Staff become more confident in their research skills. The Research Ready Program is comprised of a series of online training programs that cover research basics such as design, methodologies, data analysis, and ways to disseminate your results. The following set of modules focus specifically on publishing your dissertation. The Research Ready: Dissertation to Publication program includes the modules listed below and provides basic information and best practices that will assist graduate students in preparing to publish dissertations.

- To complete the Research Ready: Dissertation to Publications, you must complete each of the instructional modules below. Completion of the Research Ready: Dissertation to Publication program is done independently; you may work on the modules at your own pace and convenience.

- To complete each of the instructional modules, click on the module topic, review the content and explore the Resource Links. Once you feel comfortable with the topic, complete the mastery quiz. A certificate of completion will be available upon completion of each quiz and should saved or printed to demonstrate your proficiency.

Research Ready: Dissertation to Publication Modules

Doctoral Learners: Please do not take the individual module quizzes.

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1.jpgThe following module provides an overview of the process of how to go from dissertation to publication, including a discussion of publishing options as well as the basic steps involved.

2.jpgThe following module outlines the basic steps necessary to help a student publish their dissertation.

3.jpgThe module will discuss types of scholarly journals, factors that should be considered when selecting an appropriate journal for publication, and provide numerous resources that will assist with the selection.

4.jpgThe following module provides advice and tips on how to effectively prioritize and prune the content of a dissertation into a focused manuscript.

5.jpgThis module offers tips and suggestions on writing your manuscript and preparing it for submission to the journal you have chosen.

6.jpgThe focus of this module is the review process that occurs after submission of a journal article with an emphasis on understanding editor feedback.

7.jpgThe following module discusses the process for revising and resubmitting your manuscript following feedback from the editor or publisher.

8.jpgComplete the Dissertation to Publication module by submitting information about your project.


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