Extra SoTL Links

Introduction to SoTL

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – Following is a comprehensive resource that provides links to all aspects of SoTL including definitions, tutorials, research designs, journals, conferences, and more.

What is the Scholarship of Teach and Learning (SoTL)? – This link provides a broad overview of SoTL as well as links additional resources and information on how to get started with SoTL.

What is SoTL? – For a definition and a brief overview of the history of SoTL, follow the link below.

The Scholarship of Teaching – This link provides an in-depth discussion of the value of scholarship related to teaching and learning.

Value of SoTL

Why Do SoTL? – The following website offers insight into the value of SoTL research in a broader context.

How to Produce SoTL – This resource provides a brief list of just a few of the values to SoTL, as well as links to numerous other resources.

Does the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) really make a difference? – A list of broad purposes for SoTL and short discussion of its value, see the following resource.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – Following is a discussion of SoTL, the benefits, the reasons to pursue, the challenges, and many other related topics.

Getting Started with SoTL

Designing and Beginning – Following is a guide to the basic steps used to get started with SoTL, as well as additional resources.

Getting Started – This resources provides a discussion on how to identify a SoTL research problem and provides a series of links to other SoTL resources.

Conducting a Literature Review – The following link offers tips for conducting a SoTL literature review as well as links to search engines for finding related books, journals, and articles.

Getting Started with a SoTL Project – Following is practical, straight-forward approach to organizing your thoughts for a SoTL project by using a worksheet with standard set of questions to consider.

Working on Your SoTL Project

Implementing and Managing a SoTL Project – The following resource offers a series of links that provide information and guidance for beginning, designing and managing a SoTL project.

Ideas for Engaging Students in SoTL – This site discusses the use of students in SoTL projects beyond being research participants.

SoTL Resources for Faculty – The site below offers resources that may be helpful for faculty beginning SoTL projects.

Tools and Resources – Following is a website that provides a comprehensive list of resources for beginning a SoTL project including examples, grant writing tips, collaboration tips and many more.

Designing a SoTL Project

Implementing and Managing a SoTL Project  The following resource offers a series of links that provide information and guidance for beginning, designing and managing a SoTL project.

Planning the Project Design – The following link provides a basic discussion of how to design a SoTL project based on the type of question being asked.

Project Design: Structuring the Learning Activities and Data Collection – The following link describes the basics of designing “what is” and “what works” SoTL projects.

Diverse Methodological Approaches and Considerations for SoTL in Higher Education – Following is a link to a journal article that examines a variety of approaches to SoTL research design.

Educational Research 102 - The Slide Share presentation linked here provides a wealth of information regarding types of research and basic research design. It compare empirical and non-empirical research, basic and applied research, and qualitative and quantitative research designs.

 Alan Byrman on Research Methods

This YouTube video contains comments and advice from Alan Byrman, Sage Publication research methods specialist regarding how to get started when selecting research methodology.

Ethics & SoTL

Ethical Issues in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – The following paper describes informed consent, right to privacy, and protection from harm in relation to SoTL projects.

What is Ethics in Research & Why is it Important - Ethical concerns must also be considered when designing a research project. The following website discusses common codes and policies regarding ethics in research.

Ethics in Research – The Web Center for Social Research Methods - Some of the key terminology associated with research ethics are described on this site, as well as a brief history of ethical considerations in research.

Ethics in Research - There are many ethical considerations when conducting research. This presentation defines and describes various types of ethical misconduct and gives examples.

What is an IRB and its Purpose? - What does IRB stand for? What is the purpose of an IRB and how does a researcher know when they need to use it?

Presenting SoTL Research

Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation - This link will provide ten simple guidelines for creating an effective poster presentation.

Attending Academic Conferences: A Primer – Learn about the types of academic conferences and the presentation formats at each.

Creating an Effective Scientific Poster Presentation - For a step-by-step guide on how to prepare an effective poster presentation, go through the links on this site. The site covers the entire process from conception to printing and presenting the final product.

Creating Effective Poster Presentations: Present Your Poster - The following resource offers great tips on how to present a poster. It also contains a comprehensive set of links that can guide an author through the process of creating an effective poster presentation from determining the audience, planning, creating graphics and so forth.

Oral Presentation Tips and Guidelines - Following are links to short, but concise, lists of tips/guidelines for giving an effective oral presentation:

AcademicKeys: Academic Conferences – Following is link that provides a site for searching for conferences and learning more about the upcoming academic conferences that may be available in your discipline.

Publishing SoTL Research

Journal of Scholarship in Teaching and Research – Following is the link to a common journal used to publish research in the areas of teaching and learning.

Selecting an Appropriate Publication Outlet - This PDF file provides a comprehensive discussion of how to choose an appropriate outlet for research papers for a broad range of academic disciplines.

How to Publish Your Journal Paper - This site contain tips from the APA regarding how to get your manuscript published.

How to Get Your Journal Article Published - This short guide from SAGE outlines the basics on how to get a journal article published.

Publishing Your Research Article – Finding the Best Place to Publish - The following link provides questions for consideration when choosing where to try to publish your research as well as additional resources to get you started.

Publishing Your Research 101 - The website provides a series of 10 video episodes by the American Chemical Society that address all aspects of writing a journal article for submission and tips on how to improve your writing.

Sample Research Paper - APA Style - The sample research paper shown here provides information regarding content, formatting, and style. There is also a link for exploring alternate formatting options.

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