Research Ready: Qualitative Descriptive Studies

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The Research Ready Certification Program (RRCP) is designed to help GCU Faculty and Staff become more confident in their research skills. The Research Ready Program is comprised of a series of online training programs that cover research basics such as design, methodologies, data analysis, and ways to disseminate your results. The following set of modules focus specifically on how to design surveys. The Research Ready: designing surveys program includes the modules listed below and provides basic information and best practices that will assist researchers in designing surveys best suited to their project.

- To complete the Research Ready: Qualitative Descriptive Studies, you must complete each of the instructional modules below. Completion of the Research Ready: Designing Surveys program is done independently; you may work on the modules at your own pace and convenience.

- Mastery Quiz and Certificate available HERE

Research Ready: Qualitative Descriptive Studies Modules

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