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Dealing with Difficult Students in the Online Classroom

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Flash FileDealing with Difficult Students in the Online Classroom
Updated 4 years ago by Jean Mandernach


Offline Kate Miller said 22 months ago

This is an interesting video, and I appreciate the suggestions. I recognize these behaviors in students, however I believe they are just that - behaviors, not types of students. I'm not comfortable with labeling students as if these are character traits; I also believe that labeling such as this may prevent an instructor from noticing changes to behavior or more nuanced responses, and may actually reinforce behaviors by creating negative expectations. As a parent and instructor I have seen this type of labeling be harmful and hurtful to students. It would be interesting to think of ways to rephrase this with a focus on the behavior.

OfflinePhoto of Kathy Hoppe Kathy Hoppe said 5 months ago

Thank you. Excellent tips here that will help me respond better in future courses.

Offline Shawn Feaster Johnson said 5 weeks ago
Wow - powerful video. This was the information I was looking for when I took a different prof dev through GCU on "difficult students". I left that prof dev without any real meat to the subject. This is day 1 of this prof dev and this video says it all. It not only helped identify what I am dealing with occasionally, but it went into depth on "how to" deal with each type of student. Very well done Thank you for allowing me this option to see this video. Shawn Feaster Johnson, Ed.D.

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May 6, 2011
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May 6, 2011
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