CIRT Would Like to Congratulate Drs. Scott Greenberger, Kelly Maguire & Cheryl Martin

By Helen Hammond – October 11, 2021
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Drs. Scott Greenberger, Kelly Maguire & Cheryl Martin recently presented at the John Dewey Memorial Conference (JDS) 2021 in Burlington, VT. The John Dewey Society (JDS) partnered with the University of Vermont and the North Eastern Philosophy of Education Society for the 2021 annual JDS conference on October 8th and 9th in Burlington, Vermont.

Burlington is where Dewey lived and was buried. In the spirit of Dewey, the annual conference included a more Deweyan approach with both traditional papers as well as experiential learning opportunities. Their presentation, entitled: "Discovering reflective-narrative: constructing experience in the Deweyan guide for reflective practice" was based on their recent publication in Taylor and Francis co-authored with Tara Chavez & Gina Delgado.


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