Enhance Teaching Practices


An important aspect of teaching is innovation. This page  is designed to help you enhance your learning environment, produce new instructional practices, and introduce strategies to improve student comprehension.
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Have a CAT you want to Share?
This section is dedicated to sharing your innovative Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATS) so that other faculty can benefit from them as well. In addition to sharing your knowledge, you could turn your CAT into a SoTL or OTS project for publication!  Go to the CATS Homepage for more information.


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Technology Tools

Technology Teaching Tools are short, online, asynchronous modules highlighting a technology teaching tool along with relevant pedagogical implementation strategies.  The majority of the Technology Teaching Tools are less than 10 minutes; each tool is designed to provide a quick snapshot of the technology, a demonstration of how to use the resource and ideas for implementing the tool in a pedagogically sound manner.

Some of the CIRT Technology Tools discussed in this section rely on freeware downloads. Prior to utilizing these technologies, you are encouraged to understand the potential risks associated with freeware; see the article "Why Free Software Downloads Aren't Always Safe" for an overview of key considerations.

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