Research Proposal

Research Proposal

In this module, you integrate your knowledge of research development and design to propose a research study that you may be interested in conducting. Please note that by completing this proposal, you are not required to implement your research study; rather, this proposal provides a means of demonstrating your understanding of key design and methodological principles. 

Once you submit your proposal, it will be reviewed by a member of the CIRT team and feedback will be provided. In the event that you are interested in implementing your project, you are encouraged to utilize this feedback to help refine your project plan. At the same time feedback is provided on your proposal, a professional development certificate will be issued for your successful completion of the Research Ready program.

Learning Objectives

  • Design a research proposal that highlights a plan of action for a topic of your interest


Note: Doctoral learners taking Research Ready training as part of Level 2 AQR submission, do not need to complete this module.


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