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By Shanna Huslig – April 11, 2014
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A new topic has been posted in the discipline specific discussion forums regarding how to manage large classrooms!


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Offline Jacquie Lisicki said 2 years ago

Hi Shanna, great question - I am eager to learn how others manage large classrooms

Depending on the topic a large classroom can be difficult to manage. Simple task like reading DQ's become complicated and time consuming. Additionally,  if there are issues with a student that require filling out forms, written notification and phone calls it distracts from teaching the other students.

Personally I find a class size of maximum of 16 works for me. Larger online classrooms size requires additional written communication that in turn, decreases one's ability to offer what I believe is quality teaching. In my last class I had 24 students as a result; it required that I invest many more hours teaching. I was expending twice as much time online compared to other classes I taught. This was necessary simply to keep up with student questions, concerns and to correct papers and DQ grading. I am eager to see how others manage large classes. I admit the methods I tried did not reduce the time required to do my job well.

I should add in a traditional classroom my class size averaged 40-50 students I teach nursing. The traditional classroom has far fewer written assignments, more test and lectures. In turn, this helps minimize reading and correcting numerous written responses

Jacquie Lisicki RN, MSN, CDE


OfflinePhoto of Shanna Huslig Shanna Huslig said 2 years ago

Hi Jacquie!

Make sure that you post your response in the actual discussion forum so that everyone can see it and post comments to it. You can get there by going to the "Teach" tab and then "Share."  :-)

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April 11, 2014

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