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Technology Teaching Tools

Technology Teaching Tools are short, online, asynchronous modules highlighting a technology teaching tool along with relevant pedagogical implementation strategies. Some of the CIRT Technology Tools discussed below rely on freeware downloads. Prior to utilizing these technologies, you are encouraged to understand the potential risks associated with freeware; see the article "Why Free Software Downloads Aren't Always Safe" for an overview of key considerations.

Quizzy Rocks

  • https://www.quizzy.rocks/
  • Quizzy Rocks is software to design multiple choice An advantage to this software is it grades the quiz in real time and gives the test-taker automatic results.  There is no limit to how many questions can be asked.  The website does not give immediate instruction for setting up the quiz but was able to figure it out simply after watching a quick youtube video. 

Pedagogical Ideas

In the classroom, this technology can be used for: 

  • Organization - Teachers can organize classroom content by building quizzes that help students study material.
  • Internet access - Teachers can create a ‘url’ so students can access the quiz material online, for independent learning.
  • Test preparation - Quizzy Rocks fosters test preparation or serves as a study aid.
  • Time management - Creating a quiz in this format is very simple and can be reused. It is almost ‘too simple’ so some students might get bored in comparison to modern-day options.
  • Real time assessment - Since answers to quizzes are in real time, Quizzy Rocks can assess student learning in real time.

How do you utilize this technology in your classroom?

Please share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for utilizing this technology to foster effective teaching and learning.

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How valuable is this technology for fostering teaching and learning?

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