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evaluation 2.jpgHow to Submit an IRB Application

Are you ready to submit your application for IRB approval?

The GCU Institutional Review Board (IRB) provides timely and efficient processing, review, monitoring, tracking, and reporting of all research protocols conducted under the purview of Grand Canyon University. All researchers, including doctoral learners completing dissertations, and faculty, staff, and student researchers are required to obtain approval from the GCU's Institutional Review Board (IRB) in accordance with GCU's policy. Researchers may not begin recruiting participants or implementing data collection activities until they receive official notification of IRB approval. The IRB Research Center is designed to help researchers complete all required steps and ensure the IRB submission and review processes go as smoothly as possible.

Please refer to the GCU IRB Research Center to get started with iRIS.  

For questions contact the Office of Academic Research and IRB at

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