Scholarly Recognition Program

Scholarship Recognition Program


The Scholarship Recognition Program recognizes and rewards faculty scholarly activity. The program provides monetary awards for research and scholarly activity conducted as a GCU faculty member. Award funding is a competitive process allocated as a function of the type and frequency of research activities. Scholarship completed by faculty approved to teach in a Ph.D. program and/or faculty research related to STEM or SoTL topics receive funding priority. Maximum award per faculty member per year is $500. All GCU faculty members (full-time and adjunct) are eligible to submit scholarly activities for consideration.

For the current period, the following scholarly activities completed between the dates of January 1, 2019 and June 31, 2019 are eligible for PSAs:


  • Published an academic book or peer-reviewed journal article,

  • Completed an academic-related performance (concert, production, play, musical, workshop),

  • Published a book chapter or book review,

  • Presented at an academic conference,

  • Published an academic website, blog, non peer-reviewed journal article, and/or

  • Presented a keynote address or been an invited speaker.

As a GCU faculty member, if you have completed any of these scholarly activities since  just enter your scholarly activity in the C.V. Builder for consideration for a PSA:


To be considered for a PSA, C.V. Builder must be updated with scholarly activity by May 15 and November 31, respecitvely. Recipients of PSA awards will be notified in June and December .

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