Honors College


Honors College

Looking for information on the Honors College?

This page is designed to provide one location for faculty to obtain Honors College information. Please see below for resources including the Differentiation Principles provided by CDD, and brochures outlining the Honors College program and graduation requirements, honors courses, program benefits and more!

For questions or additional information, please contact Breanna.Naegeli@gcu.edu or visit our website at www.gcu.edu/honors.

Honors College Contacts

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For questions, suggestions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the dean or Director of Academic Success for your college, or the Honors College team:

Breanna Naegeli, Honors Program Manager - 602-639-6444, Breanna.Naegeli@gcu.edu.

Kelly Taylor, Colangelo College of Business and Honors Program Manager - 602-639-9735, Kelly.Taylor@gcu.edu.

Josie Becerra, Honors Student Services Advisor- 602-639-8089, Josie.Becerra@gcu.edu.



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